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  • Jason Hesley

ALKEMY: releases new Ep “The Ascension”, “After Midnight” lyric-video is out now!

The lyric-video of “After Midnight”, the third single from “The Ascension”, the new Ep by ALKEMY, is now available at this link and on all digital platforms via Ad Noctem Records.

The sound of the band, from Brescia (Italy), is an American death metal alike, featuring various influences such as progressive metal, djent and hardcore, all mixed up in a personal style that finds its strength in dark and gloomy atmospheres.

Simone Richini, guitarist and founder of the band says:

Today is such an important day for ALKEMY.Finally, ‘The Ascension’ has seen the light. The pandemic and all the difficulties we encountered during its making of have largely extended the production time. Though, it’s in dealing with these problems that the band has become stronger, creating a synergy that is perfect. I believe that the bond we built can be perceived by listening to the songs. The tracks are brutal, perverse and dark, exactly as we wanted them. Let us know what you think!"

Recording sessions took place at The Grid Europe (Pistoia), helmed by Jonathan Mazzeo.

The music video was filmed by the video-maker Stefano Mastronicola.


Debris Of A Smile

Horror Vacui

After Midnight

Desecrating March

Damn Dynamic

Neverending Ascension

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