• Jason Hesley

Alias Noone brings the sophmore effort "Acoustics of Order and Chaos"

Finnish metal outfit Alias Noone brings us the sophmore effort "Acoustics of Order and Chaos". The EP comes out worldwide 17.12.21 on all major streaming platforms and digital release is available to purchase on Amazon and Apple Music.

The band says the songs are more complex and heavy in comparison to their debut effort. There are more layers in the songs and the lyrics paints us a dark picture about cultural changes and the hive minds in our society these days. In the song Sempiternal we added some flavour and gravitas with the instrument Jouhikko played by Tero Kalliomäki (Kallomäki, Saattue, Embassy of Silence)

Alias Noone is all about standing your ground and what you believe in, and the songs are extensions to that belief.

Alias Noone invites you to take a good hard listen to "Acoustics of Order and Chaos" and engulf yourself into the murky depths that is the world of Alias Noone and don't be just another cog in the machine that eats you up and spits you out.

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