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ALDAARON to release the Album "Majestic Heights, Melancholic Depths" on October 20th!

Paragon Records has announced that the international release date for the 4th full-length album, 'Majestic Heights, Melancholic Depths,' by the French Black Metal band ALDAARON, is set for October 20, 2023.

Watch album teaser: In this mountainous universe, a glacial cold reigns, preserving the purity of the landscape, both desolate and majestic. The nature here is wild and untamed, governed by its own laws, while the snow-capped peaks stand proudly, bearing witness to the passage of ages.

The vast majority of humanity has vanished, leaving room for a handful of rare individuals leading a hermitic existence. Solitude is the sovereign of these remote lands, but for those who live here, it is by no means a burden. These individuals have chosen to withdraw from the hustle of the modern world, leaving behind material constraints and superficial aspects of society, to embrace a life in harmony with nature and its mysteries, dedicating themselves to contemplation and spirituality.

It is a world where time seems to slow down, where nature reigns as an absolute sovereign, and life is guided by the rhythms of seasons and elements. A world that offers a retreat to those who seek the true meaning of existence and communion with nature in its purest form.

This universe, from the imagination of Ioldar, is the one that gives birth to the music of Aldaaron.

Album tracklisting: 1. Bannières de nuit 2. Rôdeur des sommets 3. Monti Vagus 4. Voyageur des cimes 5. Chroniques des jours d'alors 6. La bataille approche 7. Les tambours et le fer 8. Impassibles cénotaphes 9. The Knell and the World 10. Pride and Sorrow - Ambient Mix

Aldaaron was founded in 2004 by Ioldar amidst the remote forests of the French Alps. Aldaaron's music is a tribute to the spirit of the age-old fir forests and the eternally snow-covered summits. In 2023, Aldaaron returns with their new album, 'Majestic Heights, Melancholic Depths.' Drawing inspiration from the narratives of Steven Erikson's 'Malazan Book of the Fallen,' this album showcases their growth and evolution as musicians while retaining the heroic, melancholic, and furious compositions that define their sound.

Through this album, Aldaaron invites listeners on an immersive odyssey, where each track unfurls like a vivid chapter in an epic saga, beckoning them to traverse a landscape of intricate melodies, poignant emotions, and unwavering intensity.

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