• Jason Hesley

ALBERTO RIGONI's New Band NATURAL BORN MACHINE w/ David Readman To Release Debut Album "Human"

NATURAL BORN MACHINE is a new international melodic heavy rock band founded in 2019 by bassist & composer Alberto Rigoni (solo, BAD As, Vivaldi Metal Project, etc.) - feat. PINK CREAM 69 singer David Readman, guitarist Alessio Lex Tricarico (BAD AS) and drummer Denis "Denzy" Novello (Ardityon). 

The band has announced their debut album "Human" is set to be released by Pride & Joy Music on February 19th, 2021.

The album was recorded and mixed at AR Studio in Treviso, Italy and mixed and mastered by Alberto Rigoni. A lyric video for the track “New Future” and a full video for “Moonchild” will be released upfront to the album; both tracks will be available as singles and instant grats as well. The artwork was designed by Andreas Ballnus (Disorderly Design).

More information will be revealed soon, stay tuned!

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