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  • Jason Hesley

Alastor release "Gates Of Darkness (2023)"

Haloran Records presents "Gates Of Darkness", the first unreleased full-lenght from Alastor recorded in 1996 at Hell-Mayhem studio, to celebrate the band's 35 years of existence (1988-2023).

"Gates Of Darkness" is finally released in its complete and definitive form, fully remastered, in a strictly limited edition CD with an 8-page booklet. 12 tracks of unmerciful thrashing rage that include a cover of Black Sabbath's "Children Of The Grave". Black/Thrash Metal from Portugal.

Tormentor - Bass, Vocals

Desecrator - Guitars

Destructor - Drums


1. Into The Obscurity

2. Through The Gates

3. Sacrifice To Satan

4. Hell On Earth

5. No Exorcism

6. Bestial Wrath Of The Antichrist

7. Possessed By Darkness

8. Children Of The Grave (Black Sabbath cover)

9. Total Devastation

10. Merciless Mayhem

11. Spawn Of Evil

12. Towards The End

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