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  • Jason Hesley

Alase to release "Beyond Our Imagination"

Finnish atmospheric progressive metal band Alase is set to release a new EP 'Beyond Our Imagination' on February 23rd 2024 via Inverse Records. EP features four brilliant vocalists. The soundscapes vary from gloomy and haunting to full of hope.



Track list:1. Broken Pendulum (vocals by Janne Lunnas & Omar Zouiter)2. Love Crime  (Vocals by Janne Lunnas & Rioghan)3. When? (Vocals by Juha Tretjakov)4. A Night to Remember (Vocals by Juha Tretjakov)


Current Line-up:Guitars: Janne LunnasBass: Ari MiettinenDrums: Ville AatsinkiLyrics: Ninni Swan


BIOGRAPHY:Alase is an atmospheric progressive metal/rock band from Finland. Their music is a melting pot of various genres, but the main focus is on the melody and atmosphere. There are a lot of influences outside metal music as well. Musically, Alase has similarities with bands like Katatonia, A Perfect Circle, The Ocean, Textures and Tesseract, just to name a few. Band's second album "A Matter of Time" was released in April 2023. A four song EP "Beyond Our Imagination" is to be released in February 23rd 2024 via Inverse Records

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