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  • Jason Hesley

Akkadian to release "The Devil Has Evolved (EP)"

Ascending UK riff merchants, AKKADIAN, are poised to break with their formidable new EP, The Devil Has Evolved, out Friday 27th October. The rampant metal crew will also release the EP’s namesake, The Devil Has Evolved, as a video and single, on Friday 20th October.

Coming at you from Cambridge, England, AKKADIAN were originally formed in 2018. The youthful metallers spent their early years shaping and creating their engulfing sound, and by 2021 the band had an impressive arsenal of songs ready for public consumption. Their recent singles: Agenda, Serpentine, Depraver, and Prisoners have been dropped over the past eighteen months and have greatly helped cement the band’s emerging profile. Possessing a deep affection for hard-hitting riffs, powerful rhythms, and mesmerising psychedelic undertones, AKKADIAN also have a strong interest in ancient history, mixed together with inter-dimensional and spiritual travel. These elements are intriguingly embedded into their branding, their visual themes and the storytelling of their songs.

AKKADIAN have acquired a potent following backed by strong live performances throughout England. A recent highlight for the budding heavyweights has been to play at this year’s Tech Fest, where the band shared the stage with the likes of Loathe, Born of Osiris, Chelsea Grin, Aborted, and Hacktivist.

The exhilarating quintet now charge ahead with the release of their brand-new EP, The Devil Has Evolved, which is packed to the nines with brutal riffery, towering vocals, and laced with groove laden hypnotic passages. With a flow of shows planned to support the EP for the remainder of 2023 and into next year, along with the release of further new material, AKKADIAN will continue to break down barriers and amass a legion of new fans.

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