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  • Jason Hesley

AKERIUS Unleashes Cthonic Horrors Upon the Earth!

Dark Age Productions is proud to present "Hidden Portals to the Nameless Depths". The latest full length from AKERIUS fusing black metal and dungeon synth into a sinister potion of Cthulhu mythos inspired darkness.

On recording Hidden Portals... band leader Aker had this to say:

"I enjoyed the experience to the full for "Hidden Portals to The Nameless Depths" as you can hear some melodic Black Metal and medieval Dungeon Synth mixed together, this sets the tone for some Akerius aggressive development! I thought that these epic, aggressive as well as the melodic sides, suited perfectly some aspects of the Lovecraftian themes. Swinging back and forth from Black Metal and Dungeon Synth, I wanted to give each track his own soundscape. You're opening different portals and who knows what you'll find after going through them, clearly, I wanted to surprise the listener!

"It's also very important to me that I keep a very organic feel in my compositions that’s why I like to collaborate with other musicians in my creative process. I asked Guul (who already participated to some earlier Akerius tracks) and F.Gryp (Litanie, Wintermoon, Silent soul, North Heart) to join forces in the cosmic abysses! I didn't want any programmed drums, so Guul did his best to record and write his drums parts, and I think he killed it... “in the name of Azathoth”. We were very excited with the results so we asked F.Gryp if he would accept to add vocals and write some lyrics on 3 tracks. We sent him the tracks titles, the music and the themes. We were amazed by his shredded BM vocal performances ! We mixed and mastered the whole thing ourselves the best we could and the portals closed behind us at our home studio "Dark Elixirs" on Réunion island!"

Stream the album in full at:

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