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  • Jason Hesley

AGE OF RAGE new album available for streaming!

Russian Metal project «Age of Rage» released their new album "Wind Of The Wasteland. Part III". The new release have 9 new tracks and available for buy/free streaming at the band Bandcamp and Spotify resources.

Guitar, bas - Ivan Nikolaenko

Vocals - Anton Gruzinskiy (Restless Skald)

Mixing & Mastering: D.Mashkov and T.Borovski

Album Cover Art - V.Senmuth & Edaliana


1. Who We Are 02:53 2. War Of The Blind 05:32 3. The Great Last War 04:57 4. The Spring Will Come (Придёт Весна!) 05:59 5. Ancient Horror (Первобытный Ужас) 02:52 6. Demonition (feat Night's Raven) 04:11 7. Only Remembrances (Лишь воспоминания) 04:42 8. Roses in our Garden 04:25 9. Everything will die! (Всё умрет) 03:58

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