• Jason Hesley

AFFLICTION VECTOR: Italian black-death metallers premiere "Death Comes Supreme"

Italian chaos mongers AFFLICTION VECTOR are teaming up with Cvlt Nation for the premiere of their debut EP, "Death Comes Supreme". Check it out AT THIS LOCATION!

The band will release "Death Comes Supreme" on 25th September 2020 via Argento Records.

AFFLICTION VECTOR has been conceived as an introspective exploration by Ans in 2018. After the dissolution of Ooze and his separation from Grime, the artist decided to embrace a solitary journey through his own inner demons, choosing isolation and his dissolving mental health as a fuel for his creative flame.

In 2019 drummer Christian Musich (The Secret, Grime) joined the project, projecting his primordial percussive ferocity into the compositions and solidifying the line up.

Inspired by masters like Mayhem, Bolt Thrower and Teitanblood, AFFLICTION VECTOR regurgitates its influences into a completely new, unique, self-devouring Death and Black Metal magma that annihilates every boundary between nightmare and reality.

“Death Comes Supreme” is a spirit-possessed descent into suffering without any expectation of catharsis or cleansing. It’s the sound of an artist abandoning his mind into his own inner chaos, a realm dominated by demons.

"Death Comes Supreme" will be unleashed upon mankind via Argento Records on 25th September 2020.

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