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  • Jason Hesley

AETHER REALM Releases One Take Vocal & Piano Playthrough of "Guardian"!

North Carolina melodic death metal leaders AETHER REALM recently announced their upcoming U.S. tour dates and not only unveiled their latest music video for "Cycle" last month, but have now revealed another new video, this time in the form of a one take vocal and piano playthrough of their single "Guardian".

Frontman Vincent "Jake" Jones says: “Well, we’d gone to LGTBZ studio with the video team for a completely different project that you’ll be hearing about very soon, and Kris Hilbert had this nice Kawai piano just beckoning to me. We had some time to kill, and I’d been practicing a lot of piano lately. I thought 'hey, let’s knock out a quick piano/vocal video'... Hell, one of these days we may start lugging a piano around with us.”

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