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  • Jason Hesley


Norwegian dark metallers AETERNUS debut the first song & music video from their forthcoming ninth studio album "Philosopher", which is set to be released on November 17th via Agonia Records.

AETERNUS was formed by Ares in 1993 in Bergen, Norway, and pioneered the genre known as Dark Metal; combining Black Metal and Death Metal with elements of classical and folk music. The band creates its trademark sound by layering superlative guitar playing and haunting, melodic interludes. Its current line-up comprises guitarist/vocalist Ares, guitarist Gorm, bassist Eld and drummer Phobos (amongst whom are present and former members of Gorgoroth, Immortal (live) and Gaahls Wyrd). "Philosopher" was recorded, produced & mixed by the band & Herbrand Larsen at Conclave & Earshot Studios (Immortal, Enslaved) and mastered by Lawrence Mackrory at Rorysound Studio (Bloodbath, Vomitory). The cover artwork, illustrations and layout was crafted by Mar.A. (Cultes Des Ghoules, Deus Mortem).

Tracklisting: 1. Existentialist Hunter 2. World Bleak Nepotism 3. The Intentionality of Unmitigated Evil 4. Void of Venom 5. Wresting Worm 6. The Luciferian Architect 7. Carving the Pristine Anomie

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