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  • Jason Hesley

Aerik Von: Defying Odds and Igniting Punk - A Decade of 'Love/Hate' and Its Resurgence!

In an era of musical uniformity, Aerik Von has always held an unyielding allegiance to authenticity. From his vocal prowess to his instrumental versatility, Von's commitment to his craft has established him as a distinct voice within the punk sphere. With the reissue of his 2007 classic, "Love/Hate", Von not only reminds listeners of his artistry but also provides a refreshing revival of his work that speaks to his ongoing evolution as an artist. For Von, his music represents an excavation of his experiences, a raw and honest account of his journey. "The creative process was pretty inspired, I had just come off a short tour and we had a lot of experiences that needed to be explored in a songwriting sense," he shares, recounting the moments that ignited the conception of "Love/Hate". Beneath its hard-hitting Doom Punk exterior, "Love/Hate" bears a theme of defiance against public criticism, a motif that resonates with Von's personal ethos. He states, "The main theme of this release is defiance against public criticism and never letting people bring you down from your mission." This sentiment not only anchors the single but is also indicative of Von's broader body of work, a testament to his steadfast determination. Despite the passage of time, "Love/Hate" remains a crucial part of Von's discography, encapsulating his spirit of rebellion and commitment to individuality. It "directly addresses the main theme of my work which is being your own master, not letting anything get in your way and defying any system that is thrown in your face," Von shares. Even the B-side tracks, which he refers to as "tour stories", weave a narrative that resonates with his overarching narrative of defiance. As for his fans, Von hopes that "Love/Hate" continues to serve as a beacon of resilience for those facing adversity. "I think any fans who had a rough go of things but don’t want to give up and want to defy the odds that are sometimes seemingly impossible will relate to this!" he passionately asserts. Reissued under Rotten Xore Records, "Love/Hate" emerges as a remastered version of the original classic, carefully curated for a new generation of listeners. As a multi-instrumentalist, Von serves as the engine behind the single's creation, taking on vocals, guitar, bass, and drums to deliver his distinct blend of Doom Punk. "Love/Hate" promises to reignite the punk scene, with Von's raw energy and rebellious spirit echoing through each chord. This iconic single's reemergence serves as a powerful reminder of Aerik Von's unwavering commitment to his craft, his personal defiance against adversity, and his undying dedication to punk.

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