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  • Jason Hesley

ADVERSARIAL Streaming New Song, "Hatred Kiln of Vengeance"

The latest assault from Canada's blistering, serpentine three-piece ADVERSARIAL is now streaming. "Hatred Kiln of Vengeance" is the second track off Solitude with the Eternal.

Stream the song now at

Solitude with the Eternal, is the band's first album in nearly 10 years will be out May 31 on CD, vinyl, cassette, and digital formats via Dark Descent Records.

Pre-order Solitude with the Eternal at (European orders)


1. Beware the Howling Darkness on Thine Left Shoulder

2. Hatred Kiln of Vengeance

3. Witness to the Eternal Light

4. Death is an Advisor in the Woods of the Devil

5. Crushed Into the Kingdom of Darkness

6. Merging Within the Destroyer

7. Fanes at the Engur

8. Endless Maze of Blackest Dominion

Artwork for Solitude with the Eternal was done by Nekronikon. The album was recorded and mixed by Vadim Balanyuk, and mastered by Damian Herring at Subterranean Watchtower Studios.

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