• Jason Hesley

ACROSS THE SWARM: Italian death metallers premiere new album "Projections"

Italian death metallers ACROSS THE SWARM unleash "Projections", their new album, this week. On the eve of the album's official release, the following official media partners are now hosting its premiere:

Metal Roos (AUS)

Metal Addicts (BA)

Broken Tomb (ES)

Rock Hard (GR)

Kronos Mortus (HU)

Truemetal (IT) (NO)

Kvlt (PL)

World of Metal (PT)

"Projections" is due out on 4th September via Time To Kill Records.

The album was produced by Simone Mularoni and Simone Bertozzi at Domination Studios (Rhapsody, Labyrinth, Gory Blister) and mixed by Steve Wright (Dying Fetus, Misery Index). All songs feature Raphael Saini (Iced Earth, Cripple Bastards) on drums.

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