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  • Jason Hesley

ACCUSER: Join Forces with MDD Records for Upcoming Album Release!

Accuser, the esteemed veterans of German thrash metal, are excited to share some heartfelt news with their loyal fans. With a legacy dating back to 1986, the band humbly announces their partnership with MDD Records, a new label home that promises to nurture their music with care and respect.

Currently, the band is hard at work finalizing their thirteenth studio album, slated for release later this year. This endeavor has been a labor of love, fueled by the passion and dedication of each member. Accuser is grateful for the opportunity to continue their musical journey and share their art with the world.

In addition to this exciting collaboration, Accuser is gearing up for a special live performance at Kösters Hell in Cuxhafen on May 25th. It's a chance for the band to connect with their fans in person, showcasing their gratitude for the unwavering support throughout the years.

Looking ahead, Accuser is honored to be part of the "Clash Of Thrash Tour 2025" alongside esteemed companions Tankard, Defiance, and Shaark. It's a humbling experience for the band to share the stage with such esteemed peers, and they're eagerly anticipating the opportunity to bring their music to even more audiences.

Accuser extends their sincere thanks to their fans for their continued support and encouragement. Without them, none of this would be possible. Stay tuned for more updates on the album release and tour dates. Accuser is ready to embark on this next chapter with humility, gratitude, and a whole lot of thrash metal spirit.

Tour dates:

25. May 2024 - Kösters Hell, Cuxhafen, DE

26. March 25 - Pardubice, Zluty Pes, CZ *

27. March 25 - Jablunkov, Rokac, CZ *

28. March 25 - Slavicin, Sokolovna CZ *

29. March 25 - Suchdol Nad Luznici, KD Rocktime, CZ *

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