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Most people would be content to receive presents and well-wishes on their birthday. Tim Roth, guitarist/founder of extreme progressive metal pioneers INTO ETERNITY, instead chose to celebrate his birthday by premiering a new song and giving fans a sneak peek at what the band is working on for their next full-length album, to be recorded in 2021. An early version of “Nuclear” – featuring Roth on guitars and vocals alongside original INTO ETERNITY drummer Jim Austin ("Into Eternity" through "The Scattering of Ashes") sitting behind the kit – premiered yesterday on the band's social media channels, and is available now for download/streaming HERE. A playthrough video, meanwhile, can be seen HERE.

Says Roth, “It was a personal goal to release one new song in the year 2020, and here we are with 'Nuclear.' Hopefully this can be a welcome distraction from everything that’s been happening. Thanks a million to Jim Austin for adding some interesting and crazy drum parts. It really makes everything more chaotic, but in a good way! Another goal was to create a song of just melodies, arpeggios and single-note guitar lines. I didn't want to use any of my usual heavy guitar riffing, so 'Nuclear' was a new songwriting challenge. I think the song is pretty catchy, so I hope all of our supporters enjoy it! The song wouldn't have been possible without the inspiration of Yngwie Malmsteen, Dream Theater, Death and Sebastian Bach. I'm so pumped that everyone can finally have something new from us to listen to.” Adds Austin, “'Nuclear' is chock-full of melody and unique songwriting. Tim has always been a better guitar player than I am a drummer, so he challenges my writing ability every time he presents me with something. This new stuff is no different. 'Nuclear' is cool, as it starts with an interlude – but when the interlude comes up later in the song, it sounds like a different piece entirely, as the drums are completely different. It has a very catchy chorus with a neat splash/ride/hi-hat thing going on behind it. It's pretty chaotic, yet flows really well.”

“Nuclear” is the first INTO ETERNITY music to be released since their 2018 comeback album, “The Sirens.” That record was the group's first full-length album in 10 years, and it was also their first to feature new vocalist Amanda Kiernan, who joined INTO ETERNITY in 2013 after the group's previous front man, Stu Block, was asked to join Iced Earth. “The Sirens” – hailed by Blabbermouth as “everything longtime fans would expect and want” – also featured the debuts of Bryan James Newbury (drums) and Matt Cuthberston (guitars), alongside Roth, Kiernan and returning bassist Troy Bleich. The album saw INTO ETERNITY firing on all cylinders, with Kiernan's fierce vocals and Roth's trademark guitar heroics and vocal harmonies augmented by guest appearances from Block, Cam Dixon (ex-Annihilator) and Glen Drover (ex-Megadeth).

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