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  • Jason Hesley

ABYSS OF HEL: releases "Devolution" single & video!

The highly anticipated debut of death metallers ABYSS OF HEL, entitled "Into The Abyss", will be released on November 30th. In terms of content, the debut depicts the course of a person's mental breakdown, his descent into the abyss and his realization of an irrefutable reality. The oppressive theme is carried by the intense, provocative and also melodramatic lyrics. The 10, mostly brute grooving songs, were mixed by Lars Rettkowitz, while Achim Köhler/Indiscreet Audio is responsible for the mastering. With "Devolution" the band now releases a first taste of the full-length as video on the MDD Records YouTube channel and the digital single on all download & streaming platforms. The final tracklist of the album is attached! Check it out and be ready!

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