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  • Jason Hesley

Ablaze My Sorrow to release "The Loss of All Hope" on January 27th!

Ablaze My Sorrow presents The Loss of All Hope, a new EP commemorating their 30 years of existence. Black Lion Records will release it physically (CD and Vinyl) and digitally on 27 Jan.

A familiar name in the melodic death metal arena, Ablaze My Sorrow came together in 1993 when Gothenburg’s own brand of death metal had just begun to take shape. The Falkenberg, Halland-based troop would continue receiving praises from the fans and the metal press outlets until the mid-half of the next decade with their appealing music and fierce live performances. Their 2006’s split-up status finally changed in January 2013 when the awaited reunion happened. Since this rebirth, the quintet released two critically acclaimed albums: Black (2016) and Among Ashes and Monoliths (2021).

Sharpening their melodeath edges for 30 years, Ablaze My Sorrow always uses music as a vehicle to express their inner thoughts. The upcoming EP, The Loss of All Hope, embodies despair, dystopian nightmares, and misanthropic hopelessness. Having no shortage of captivating melodies, chunky riffs, and unadulterated vigor, the four-track EP continues to bolster the Swedish group’s glorious journey.

Track Listing:

1. Transfiguration (The Way of the Strong)

2. Boundless

3. Rotten to the Core

4. Enclosed in Crystals of Ice

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