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  • Jason Hesley

AAWKS To Embark On Interprovincial Wormhole Tour With SONS OF ARRAKIS This Week!

Thursday January 19th, 2023, sees Barrie, Ontario rockers AAWKS joined by the Montreal based SONS OF ARRAKIS to kick off an out of this world, fuzz-fueled Canadian tour. With both acts sharing a love for cosmic exploration, psychedelic elements and heavy rock music, The Interprovincial Wormhole Tour is a thrilling venture into fantasy realms.

"AAWKS feels like we’re all hopped on the finest, psychedelic-intergalactic spice to have the opportunity to join forces with the mighty Sons of Arrakis for the Interprovincial Wormhole Tour!!! We can’t wait to introduce our hard rocking brothers from Quebec to Oshawa, Hamilton, Toronto and Barrie in January 2023!!!" - AAWKS

"This is the first tour we do to promote our debut album, “Volume I”. We’ve worked really hard to put on a great set list and get out there. AAWKS is the ultimate partner to share the stage with! It'll be a real psychedelic experience, be ready!" - SONS OF ARRAKIS

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