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  • Jason Hesley

A Symphony of Rebellion: Thus Delve into Themes of Conflict with "Pacify the Parasite"

From the vibrant musical landscape of Denmark emerges a new creation by the progressive melodic death metal band, Thus. With their latest single, “Pacify the Parasite”, released on the 8th of September 2023, the band crafts a sonic narrative intertwining intricate melodies and powerful themes of conflict and self-determination. “This is the second single from our upcoming EP, and this might also be one of the first ones we wrote of all of the songs on that upcoming release,” reveals the band, indicating the foundational significance of the track in their evolving soundscape. Striving for an immediate impact, they wanted “a no-bullshit song that hit you right out the gate.” Yet, the creative journey led to a composition embellished with two guitar solos, a bass solo, and an acoustic guitar bridge, reflecting the depth and complexity inherent in their musical expression. Drawing inspiration from real-world strife, the lyrics of “Pacify the Parasite” are steeped in the nuances of the Hong Kong-China conflict. “The right to self-determination is something we cherish, and we want to inform people about these instances happening around us so they can make up their own minds and take action,” shares the band, highlighting their desire to evoke reflection and awareness through their music. Differentiation and authentic expression form the core of Thus’s musical identity. “This second single differs a lot from the first one. We hope it gives the idea that we love a lot of different music and ways to express ourselves,” they express, signalling their resistance to being confined by genre. It’s about releasing “music we truly believe in,” a testament to their commitment to artistic integrity. In crafting “Pacify the Parasite”, the band has poured love, passion, and countless hours into perfecting the songwriting to match their vision. “We hope people can feel the love and passion we've poured into this release and all the small nuances in the songwriting we've spent hours perfecting,” says the band, revealing their hopes for listeners to connect with the intricate layers of the track. The single not only showcases the band's musical dexterity but also features the remarkable session drums of Sebastian Lanser, known for his work with ex-Obscura, Obsidious, Panzerballett. His creative flair adds a distinctive rhythm to the composition, enhancing the band's innovative sound. Engineered by Andreas Linnemann, renowned for his work with Baest and Angerot, the track emerges as a sonic marvel. The synergy between Linnemann’s expertise and Thus’s artistic vision results in a sound that is both modern and organic, resonating with authenticity. For aficionados of Revocation, Alluvial, and The Black Dahlia Murder, “Pacify the Parasite” offers a unique listening experience, pushing the boundaries of the genre and inviting listeners into a world where emotion, intensity, and innovation converge. Thus, with their unyielding dedication to craft and artistry, continue to weave their musical tapestry from the heart of Denmark. “Pacify the Parasite” stands as a vivid testament to their journey, a harmonious rebellion that invites listeners to reflect, connect, and explore the depths of their sonic landscape.

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