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  • Jason Hesley

A stunning new video from The Wolves Of Avalon and a killer single from Winds Of Tragedy!

In late November of last year The Wolves Of Avalon released their latest album, Y Gododdin, a thrilling ride acorss the battlefields of ancient Britain. One of the album's standout tracks is 'The Shining Company', which features guest appearances from Thurios of Drudkh and Nico Millar of Aklash.The band have now released a stunning video to accompany the song, blending band performance with breathtaking images of winter forests and evocations of battle. Step back into the past and join 'The Shining Company' here...

On February 17th the bleak and harrowing new album from Winds Of Tragedy will emerge, a joint release from Meuse Music Records and Tragedy Productions. Entitled Hating Life this harsh and pain-filled exploration of overwhelming grief is a profoundly affecting listening experience - truly an example of depressive, atmospheric black metal at its most powerful. With album release day now fast approaching a second single has been released; the soul crushing anguish of 'I Choose To Die'. Taste the black poison of utter despair here...

Sergio González Catalán, the man behind the Winds Of Tragedy name, has taken his dark art to another level with his latest creation. With each note steeped in the sorrow and loss of personal experience, each word an honest expression of heartbreak, Hating Life will connect to all shattered spirits, lost in the grey lands of mourning.

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