• Jason Hesley

"A State Of Being Aware" is the new album from Last Century!

Last Century, are a group born at the turn of 2014 in the Vicenza area, from the meeting of the two guitarists Roberto Biasin and Riccardo Signorini, joined by the drummer Giovanni Giustioli with whom the search for the other components continues. During the first months of rehearsals, various components alternate within the band and in the same period, Roberto also covers the role of singer.

In 2016, the first single entitled "Call Of War" was released.

After several changes of components, Luca Piccolo joins the band as bassist, with whom they release their first EP "Mandatory Disguise".

In 2018, Riccardo leaves the band to follow other paths. After several changes of components, his place is taken by Gabriele Boccadamo.

In 2019, during the recordings of the first Full-Length they sign with the Maculata Anima Records.

2020 first sees the release of the first single "Slaves Of Time" (12-09-20). Song that represents an important step for the band, also because it is their first official video. Finally, October 03 is the publication date of "A State Of Being Aware".


Roberto Biasin - Guitar and Voice

Gabriele Boccadamo - Guitar

Giovanni Giustioli - Drums

luca Piccolo - Bass

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