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  • Jason Hesley


A Pretext to Human Suffering, the sonic harbinger of “Ok, I think I am sick of this planet”, proudly unveils "Archonic Corruption," a malevolent monolith that introduces the relentless drumming prowess of Cole Summerhays. Prepare for an auditory onslaught as APTHS unchains this stand-alone single, a visceral symphony of technical riffing, breakneck drumming, and guttural vocals that would awaken the slumbering old gods. "Archonic Corruption" delves into the abyssal depths, where the ceaseless karmic loop of death and rebirth intertwines with the sinister harvest of human suffering by the archons—the original abomination spawned by the accursed demiurge. This release is not merely a song; it's a sonic summoning, a glimpse into the future that APTHS is carving. Brace yourselves for an auditory descent into the abyss, as "Archonic Corruption" unleashes a preview of the auditory beat down that awaits. APTHS revels in this vile creation and anticipates the reception of listeners, ready to embrace the malevolent glory of "Archontic Corruption."

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