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A LIGHT WITHIN Unleash New Single "Meteoric Fires"

A LIGHT WITHIN return with the immersive new single "Meteoric Fires". This dynamic textural feast of post-metal sees vast soundscapes unleashed accompanied with powerful vocals and roaming guitar-driven rhythms. Delivering an alternative twist with a progressive stance, A LIGHT WITHIN have crafted a magnetic track that is the perfect soundtrack to your day.

"'Meteoric Fires' is a song that basically wrote itself. I know that may sound cliche, but it was one of the first songs we wrote when Josh switched from guitar to bass and us moving from a 5 piece to a 4 piece. We had the basic structure and were fine-tuning parts, then the world was put on pause, and it sat, unfinished. Once things started to open back up, Kyle put together a demo from our live practices, added lyrics and some extra textural synths, and finalized the breakdown and song. This is definitely an evolution in our sound, delivered with more focus and power, while remaining true to our core."

Watch "Meteoric Fires" Here:


Residing in Kansas City, MO, A LIGHT WITHIN debuted their first EP, Preface, in 2013, followed by Body Matter in 2015 and Epilogue in 2018. 2022 saw the band grow with the demo single release "Terraform", kicking off a new era of singles offerings.

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