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  • Jason Hesley

A LIGHT WITHIN release "Terraform"

Dynamic, post-metal ensemble A LIGHT WITHIN emerges from a long hiatus with their most boundary defying music to date. As the long-awaited follow-up to their critically acclaimed 2018 Epilogue, has decided to take a different approach, inviting fans into the creative process and releasing demos that showcase material with more texture and depth and room to grow with their fans. The first installment, “Terraform”, is released today, May 10th. A LIGHT WITHIN will continue to release demos, one at a time, over the course of 2022, as they work their way to a full-length album.

Kyle Brandt has this to say about the reasoning for releasing demos: “I've found it is less stressful as a composer & mixing engineer to focus on a couple of tracks at a time, rather than having the weight of an entire album on your shoulder. Full albums can take a year or longer depending on the speed of collaboration and other commitments on your plate. It's really annoying for an artist to have finished material sitting on a hard drive for an extended amount of time without being able to share it. I'm anxious to get our fans new material and don't be fooled by the term “Demo” as I think these recordings are going to easily meet audio quality standards.

The thing about releasing audio so early in the writing process is that many times songs change when adapting them to the Live stage and change even more over time as we can continually critique little things to make the songs better. I think after a while of playing these tracks live, we will want to get another ear on these songs and see what happens when they are produced within another studio. I don't think there is anything wrong with having multiple versions/mixes or remixes of songs done by other amazing audio engineers.”

Residing in Kansas City, MO, A LIGHT WITHIN debuted their first EP, Preface, in 2013, followed by Body Matter in 2015 and Epilogue in 2018. This new journey sees the band creating not only amongst themselves, but with their fans. 2022 will be an adventure year for the band, are you ready for the ride?

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