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  • Jason Hesley

A FITTING REVENGE Set To Release Heavy, Piercing New Single 'The Freeze'

Metal act A FITTING REVENGE is releasing their brand new single titled The Freeze, being released Friday, August 20th, 2021 via Curtain Call Records. The Freeze, the Rochester band's follow-up to their monstrous Spring release The Collapse, is six full minutes of chest-pounding, heart-racing, heavy metal madness. Although currently assembled as a trio, they are actively in search of a second guitarist. Pre-Save A FITTING REVENGE's upcoming single, The Freeze, right HERE. Aaron Smith, drummer for A FITTING REVENGE, had the following to say about the recording process for The Freeze:

"This was the most challenging song for me, technically, that we've ever done. There are two specific parts that took over a month each to get down. One was more of a mental challenge while the other was purely a physical challenge. The time and effort paid off."

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