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  • Jason Hesley

A DARK HALO Release New Video For "Thin Be The Veil"

A DARK HALO, the cyber metal act with a progressive edge, are preparing to unleash their new album Omnibus One on July 14th, 2023. Delivering explosive electronics, hard hitting rhythms and delicate melodies, A DARK HALO manifest a diverse and dynamic sound that will leave you wanting more. Today, the band has revealed the striking opener to their album, "Thing Be The Veil." You can watch the lyric video for the track HERE.

Opening with "Thin Be The Veil", a darkness manifests with eerie vocals that elicit a feeling of uncertainty. Written about the feeling of being at the precipice of madness, contrasting harsher verses and anthemic choruses result in an enticing sound. "Starfall" featuring Kathleen Cylkowski, sees beautiful piano melodies and stunning clean vocal harmonies inject an ethereal element into the powerful metal instrumentation. An emerging sense of anticipation arises from the orchestration and lead synths in the intro to "I, Revenant". It draws you in, before a fierce display of ludicrously heavy guitars and percussion thunders into life. Concluding Omnibus One with"The Disquiet", this track is an acknowledgement of anxieties we face, and holds hope for a better time to come. Musically, "The Disquiet" has an impactful arrangement that ebbs and flows with heavy and light instrumentation to produce a heighten effect. A DARK HALO bring all aspects of their distinctive style into this song, and end with a bang with an utterly unapologetic breakdown.


Founded by Austin, TX, based Dave Lowmiller and Christopher M. Jones in 2005, A DARK HALO (ADH) is a cyber-metal project with an intensely hook-driven and accessible sound, a large and fiercely loyal fan base, and forward-thinking production. The name, A DARK HALO, is derived from the cosmological concept of “dark matter halos” and serves as a metaphor to remind us that much of the most important information in our universe still remains unseen. Sometimes there is light even in the darkest of places. Musically, the band draw inspiration from the likes of SCAR SYMMETRY, FEAR FACTORY, IN THIS MOMENT, and DREAM THEATER.

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