• Jason Hesley

A CRIME CALLED... presents "A New Path"

Italian alternative-rock act A Crime Called... has revealed today a new video for "Tidal Waves", new single taken from the new album "A New Path", out on November 20th. About the new track, the band says: "In a period of lock down and restrictions, we find ourselves making a virtue of necessity. So, armed with smartphones, reflex cameras and GoPro's, we shot this video completely on our own in 48 hours. Days, life and love is going up and down like a tide. 'Tidal Waves' fully respect the difficult period that unites us all together. This song paves the way for the release of 'A New Path', our brand new album, which will be available on November 20th". "A New Path" is an album who describe the courageous approach of the band, that have collaborated with different producers in each song to obtain a new result in terms of sound. "'A New Path' is our personal musical experience, with a travel around the World started some years ago in New York with the producer Dan Korneff. This album is a mix of genius and passion, with the contribution of many professionals of the music industry. We can't wait to show you our new stuff!".

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