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  • Jason Hesley

3xperimental release the album "Cosmic Tales"

Immerse yourself in the cosmos with 3xperimental's "Cosmic Tales," set to release on May 30, 2023. This Atmospheric Black Metal solo project by Jean-Baptiste Vincent will take you on a journey through the dark expanse of space, following the story of a doomed species seeking a new home, fueled by a mysterious signal and the hope for survival.

Featuring Vincent on vocals, guitar, bass, and drums, "Cosmic Tales" pushes the boundaries of the genre, melding together black metal, electronic synthesizers, symphonic orchestra, and majestic choir to create an all-encompassing soundscape. This album, the third from 3xperimental, ventures into a more aggressive territory with the guitars taking center stage, yet it maintains its signature symphonic and electronic elements. With its complex rhythms and progressive song structures, "Cosmic Tales" stands as an intricate soundtrack to the grand story it seeks to tell.

Influenced by bands such as Dark Tranquility, Ihsahn, and Dimmu Borgir, 3xperimental expands on these styles, creating a unique sound that's been described as a fusion of Dimmu Borgir and Jean-Michel Jarre.

Pre-orders for the album are now available on Bandcamp, with a first video from the album already released on Youtube. Be on the lookout for a second video to be released shortly before the official album drop.

Listen, engage, and join 3xperimental on this cosmic journey. Discover a universe where black metal and symphonic elements collide, and let the "Cosmic Tales" unfold.

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