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  • Jason Hesley

3rd song from SERPENTS!

SERPENTS is a band playing modern/post-metalcore with a touch of electronic music, formed in 2023 in Szczecin (PL), consisting of five members. The band is distinguished by its professional approach to music, creating a unique sound in which aggressive guitars harmonize with pulsating electronic elements.


Polish band already released new song, third from upcoming debut record.


Band commentary about new song: "We present to you "Hourglass". This song was created relatively quickly, its structure is simple but catchy. The arrangement is dominated by synthesizers, but there are also live instruments. Lyrically, the song is about not coping with your own bad habits, being stuck in stagnation and lack of motivation for positive changes. The music video is the work of, i.e. Michał Matys and Anna Pomierczyk-Wiechnik, and uses an image generated using artificial intelligence."

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