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  • Jason Hesley

20 WATT TOMBSTONE Announce New Album The Chosen Few!

Get into the swing of 20 WATT TOMBSTONE's death blues. Their combination of heavy distortion, stoner rock and blues, it's the thrill of rock 'n' roll with a metal twist. The duo's new album, The Chosen Few, will be released on October 20th, 2023.

Gritty and emotional with a punk attitude, 20 WATT TOMBSTONE hit hard with killer guitar tones and head-banging rhythms. The Chosen Few opens with the bouncy rhythms and fuzz-fueled chugs of "Prophet Man". Magnetic vocals draw you in and the catchy chorus will keep you hooked. "Black Top Sorrow" explodes into life with groove rhythms smoother than an aged barrel of whiskey, while a cover of the Chris Stapleton classic, "Midnight Train To Memphis", speeds off down the tracks. A cover of ZZ Top's "Just Got Paid" rounds things out before 20 WATT TOMBSTONE end with the dynamic, raw and emotive "Magnolia". A barrage of riffs, crashing cymbals and pulsing beats, it's a track you can't help but move to.

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