• Jason Hesley

156/SILENCE Join SharpTone Records!

Pittsburgh's breakout hardcore/metal band 156/SILENCE has officially joined SharpTone Records, home to some of the best, rising bands in the scene. Since their formation in 2015, the five-piece has been a bracing force in the genre, melding torrential walls of riffs and devastating breakdowns with intoxicating melody on two highly praised records, including their most recent "Irrational Pull."  “We’re beyond stoked to be working with SharpTone!," states Jimmy Howell. "Their roster is insane and we’re so grateful for the opportunity. Between the rerelease of Irrational Pull and our future plans, we really feel like they’re the right choice to help us grow as a band.“ Guitarist Ryan Wilkinson adds, "It’s still so insane to me how this all came together the way that it did. No one can say we didn’t work for it though. Now we’re label mates with two of my favorite bands growing up, and one of my favorite bands currently.” The first order of business between the band and label will be the release of a Deluxe Edition of "Irrational Pull" on November 27th. The new version will feature the original record along with three brand unreleased tracks, including a cover of Alice In Chains' classic "Them Bones" and the new single "Vexation," which has been released today!

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