• Jason Hesley


Formed in July 2018, 12 Days Straight has been instrumental in bringing back the metal scene to South Jersey. A versatile, open-minded trio playing dynamic groove metal. Our debut EP is titled "The Reckoning". Current members are:

Mike Green, vocals: Singing since 2003, Mike was brought into the band by Sam who knew "a guy who could bring the perfect sound to the band". Once Joe heard the growls that he dished out, the connection was instantly made. Influenced by both singers from Killswitch Engage and other metalcore bands, Mike brings an early 2000s guttural vibe to the tracks.

Joe Paci, guitar: A native of south Jersey, Joe was born into a family of musicians. At the age of 15, it didn't take him long to find his true calling! This axe-wielding songwriter fell in love with the hardcore scene and never looked back. Playing in several bands over the years has led him to his current birth child known as "12 Days Straight". Joe's style of playing, combined with his pure passion for music, adds a dynamic flavor to the songs.

Sam Ross, bass: Hitting the bass since 1994. One of the founding members of the band along with Joe, Sam's original style that combines funk, jazz, punk, and 90s metal. His unique ideas form the solid backbone of a driving, melodic force of musical nature.

Erric Zdzchowski, drums: Jersey-born and bred, Erric (aka Rev), has been playing since he got his first snare drum at the age of 9 after the violin didn’t quite work out. As a classic rock drummer for Precision Shock, a pop-punk drummer for Vision Patch and Killing Silence, and a blues drummer for Old Bay, he figured it was time to go back to his roots and join South Jersey Thrash Metal band “12 Days Straight”. It was obvious from day 1 that we all clicked and history was to be made.

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