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  • Jason Hesley

Welcome To Pleshiwar announces debut longplayer "Apostasy"

The anticipation ends for the fans of Welcome To Pleshiwar. Following their well-received 2021 EP, the death/doomers have announced the release of their debut longplayer, aptly titled "Apostasy". This album is set to debut on November 09, under the banners of Black Sunset and MDD.

Giving listeners an almost 38-minute immersive experience, "Apostasy" primarily indulges in the languid terrains of Doom-Death. The band's craftsmanship shines as they seamlessly meld the distinctive vibes of the '90s with the nuances of the contemporary era. Enhancing the aura of the album is the meticulous production of Andy Classen at Stage One, which underpins the band's signature sound. Fans can also get a glimpse of the album's cover artwork, evoking a sense of mystery and anticipation for what's to come. While the album drops in a little over a month, a musical teaser will be unveiled soon to stoke the excitement further.

Preorder "Apostasy" now:

  • MDD

  • Amazon

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