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  • Jason Hesley

VERDERBNIS: release "Walking Through Forgotten Forests" video!

On September 22, German melodic black metal band VERDERBNIS will release their debut album, produced by esteemed engineer Torsten Sauerbrey (Atomwinter, Kambrium, Dark At Dawn, Burden of Grief). Featuring 9 tracks that offer a blend of powerful melodies, distinctive riffs, and a raw musical edge, the album has a runtime of approximately 50 minutes. As a prelude, the band has released the video for "Walking Through Forgotten Forests," which is now available on the MDD YouTube channel.

The record release show is slated for September 16 as part of the 1. Pest Fest at the Second Home in Baunatal, where they will share the stage with Atomwinter, Syridas, and Crescendium.


  1. I Am The Wolf

  2. Venemous Embrace

  3. Walking Through Forgotten Forests

  4. Paria

  5. Lebenswinters Wanderschaft

  6. Des Kranichs Flug

  7. Dusk Maiden

  8. Ein Wind Flüstert den Tod

  9. Satanizer Terrorizer

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