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US Black Metal/Neofolk Artist NONE Unleashes the Video of “Stories” Off Upcoming Live Album “Alive in San Jose”!

US Black Metal/Neofolk Artist NONE Unleashes the Video of “Stories” Off Upcoming Live Album “Alive in San Jose”!

Los Angeles-based black metal/neofolk artist NONE has shared the single “Stories”, taken from the upcoming live album “Alive in San Jose” out on March 8th. The song is accompanied by a video available on YouTube.

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NONE‘s mastermind, Nicholas Mendiola, has this to say about the new song:“Stories”, originally and by contrast titled “No Story To Tell”, saw its first iteration about seven to eight years ago. The intent has stayed the same in part: to be the introduction to the fabled album “Supreme Dedication To The Craft”.

Lyrically, the song originally had a nihilistic-view point; one of guilt and despair - that conflicted with a sense of need for something beyond the inner cage. The lyrics had been written in full - and then they were lost, and discarded.

Today, the song has been carried into its fullest form; and contains actual journal-passages from three different days in my life. I want you to imagine: the drop is the source of energy; and the moment. ‘True life’. Its rings are the sounds of its voice, the echoes that carry on. However, once it is gone - it is gone, and no longer the same.

It is very, very important to be present. It is our ‘sacred duty’ as artists to capture these moments well; and to create these ‘stories’ - these myths, that were never fiction. What did they mean to you then, and what do they mean to you now?”

“Alive in San Jose” portrays NONE performing at The Caravan Lounge in San Jose, CA, on the 29th of October, 2023. This was the artist's first hometown appearance, despite the movement's conception being eight years prior. Five out of the six songs showcased were new/unreleased material that should later be contained in an LP.The album was taped/edited, recorded and mixed by Portal Studios. Band photos by Wyman Choy Photography. Band logo by Nicholas Mendiola. Cover edited by John Bradford Schuler.

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