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  • Jason Hesley

U.S. Traditional Heavy Metal Stalwarts ENTIERRO to Release The Gates of Hell in October!

Traditional heavy metal band ENTIERRO has just completed their fifth collection of new songs, titled The Gates of Hell, at Dexter’s Lab Studio under the watchful eye of engineer Nick Bellmore. The album will be released on October 19!

The album's title track is streaming now at:

The Gates of Hell not only marks a return to the studio where they recorded their self-titled full length album, but also introduces a new period for the band, as this incarnation of the unit has grown into a solid force in songwriting

and collaboration.

Most bands take time to grow into their own sound. For ENTIERRO, this growth has become more evident on their forthcoming release, The Gates of Hell. Building on the momentum of their previous offering, El Camazotz, the band has refined their sound and continues to create their own musical identity within the world of traditional heavy metal.

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