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  • Jason Hesley

Toxikull launches “Nascida no Cemitério” feat Flageladör

Known for their relentless sound attack that evokes the best elements of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, the Portuguese band Toxikull launches the single “Nascida no Cemitério”, which features Armando Macedo, lead singer of the Brazilian band Flageladör. The single, along with the video clip, is released by the Amazing Records Portugal label and is available on all digital platforms.

"This is one of the best releases. We are taking heavy metal to another level. And Flageladör is a classic band for any listener and fan of Speed ​​Metal, a band that has a lot of influence on our musical composition and also on our lyrics and themes. A true classic of Metal, it is an honor to be able to count on Armando in this single”, comments vocalist and guitarist Lex Thunder.

Armando Macedo, great guest of the Portuguese also comments on the single: “I have been following the band closely for some time, and it was with great honor that I accepted the invitation to participate in this track. My surprise was great when I heard the finished song, with all this incredible power, masterful solos and splendid vocal interpretation by my great friend Lex Thunder! The entire band sounds impressive in this new album and I am immensely happy to be part of that story. I hope you all enjoy this song the same way I did!”.

The cover, created by the artist Miguel Carrapiço, has an inverted cross in the cemetery, which means the birthplace of the beast, that is, defying the natural order of things, an opposition to the laws to which we are all condemned, represents the contradiction of life. and revenge on death.

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