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  • Jason Hesley

THE GLORIOUS DEAD Stream Video for "Living Rot"

Northern Michigan death metal purveyors, THE GLORIOUS DEAD, return with the second video/single from their upcoming album, Cemetery Paths. Brutality, melody and a focus on progression in the songwriting is on display with this material as The Glorious Dead emerges from a troubled era with filthy death.

The band tapped Invisible Oranges for the exclusive premiere of "Living Rot." Check out the video now at

THE GLORIOUS DEAD will return this summer with its second full-length, Cemetery Paths. The follow-up to 2020's Into Lifeless Shrines sees THE GLORIOUS DEAD continue to dole out lethal amounts of relentlessly brutal, yet compositionally-minded death metal.

Bindrune Recordings will release Cemetery Paths on July 28. Pre-order the album at


1) Semita Cineris

2) Horizons of Ash

3) Gag on Viscera

4) Purulent Forms

5) Daylight Graves

6) Cadaver Within

7) Malefic Sepsis

8) Dragging the Dead

9) Living Rot

10) Corpse of the King

11) Cemetery Path

12) Semita Pulveris

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