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  • Jason Hesley

The Devil's Trade release title track off forthcoming album!

THE DEVIL'S TRADE is proud to unveil the title track off upcoming new album 'Vidékek vannak idebenn', which finds singer-songwriter Dávid Makó and his new bandmates leaning into a more dynamic, heavier sound.

"Vidékek vannak idebenn" is dark and ominous, roiling with fierce electric guitar and booming electronic percussion. It's now streaming on YouTube HERE and on all other digital platforms HERE.

"Vidékek vannak idebenn" will be released on July 14, 2023 via Season of Mist. It's available for pre-order HERE.

THE DEVIL'S TRADE comments on the track: "'Vidékek vannak idebenn' is the first song I have ever written in Hungarian," says Makó. "As usual it has a deeply personal layer but it also has another layer that is about the typical Eastern European political struggle: ignoring our history we make the same mistakes again and again till a point where our world gets so rotten and corrupted the only escape seems to be hiding in our own inner worlds. Luckily my inner world is flourishing more than ever."

THE DEVIL'S TRADE is available for interviews via email, Zoom & Skype. Please get in touch with Will Yarbrough via for more info or to book a slot. Photos and other press materials can be found HERE.

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