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  • Jason Hesley

Swedish Thrash/Death Metal Trio Unfair Fate Presents "Sealed in Darkness" (Visualizer Video)!

"Sealed in Darkness" encapsulates the intense and raw energy that Unfair Fate is known for, taking listeners on a sonic journey through the depths of darkness and despair. The track delves into the profound sense of being lost and trapped in a dark and abstract reality, where the inner urges and longing for release are palpable. It serves as an honest portrayal of surrendering to the darkness while simultaneously expressing a plea for the grip of fear to be released, ultimately yearning for an end to the suffering.

The band's latest album features a variety of fast and aggressive tracks, as well as slower, heavier ones. The lyrics touch on themes of substance addiction, nuclear war, and letting loose the darkness within oneself. Fans of Thrash and Death Metal are sure to find something to love on Into the Abyss.

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