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  • Jason Hesley


New Jersey sludge and noise band SUNROT have today released their new single, Trepanation, via all streaming platforms. Alongside the single the release, SUNROT have also shared an accompanying video for the track. Trepanation is the third song to be taken from the quintet's forthcoming sophomore album, The Unfailing Rope, which is set for release via Prosthetic Records on April 7.

Speaking on Trepanation's release, SUNROT comments: "Trepanation is an older song that came together quickly and compulsively and the lyrics kind of reflect that burning anxious need to get it out and get it out quickly.

Trepanation is an old medical procedure where they would drill a hole into a persons skull to relieve pressure in the head. As a group of people we have all dealt with varying degrees of mental health struggles and the song is using that procedure as a metaphor for the release of that kind of mental pressure. That frantic need for release. It’s definitely one of the more personal songs on the record and we hope it can help someone feel seen who is also in the middle of a crisis. Hope y’all enjoy it. Rot in the sun."

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