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  • Jason Hesley

SUMMONER'S CIRCLE Launch Video for "Irreverence of the Cross"

Progressive blackened death/doom hexad SUMMONER'S CIRCLE has posted the video for "Irreverence of the Cross," the first single from their upcoming new album, Cult.

The band comments on the concept behind the song, "'Irreverence of the Cross' is an indictment of the Catholic Church and the atrocities it has

committed throughout its existence. From murder, torture, rape, pedophilia, extortion, genocide, and theft, it has been guilty of every sin it claims to oppose."

Watch the video for “Irreverence of the Cross” at

Cult is a step away from the traditional cosmic horror themes of previous albums and stands as a reaction to the myriad vitriol the band has received from religious people over the past few years. It’s an indictment of religious groups and theocracies around the world and calls them all out for what they are - cults.

Cult is set for worldwide release on May 24 on Black Lion Records

Pre-save/pre-order Cult at:

Cult Tracklist

1. Apostle's Dogma 

2. Cult Of The Dead 

3. Shroud Of Humanity 

4. Irreverence of the Cross 

5. Thirst of the Vulture 

6. Profit Of Death 

7. Dogmatic Defilings

Let The Summoning Begin…

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