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  • Jason Hesley

Stream Maltese Trio Hemplifier’s ‘The Stoner Side of the Doom’

Santa Venera trio Hemplifier has unleashed their full-length, The Stoner Side of the Doom, today (02 June) via Electric Valley Records. Although it is their first album, the members of Hemplifier are no strangers to the Maltese heavy music scene, having been part of bands such as Thy Legion, Victims of Creation, Pilgrimage, Animamortua, Lady Lizard, and R.A.S. Additionally, the band members are organizers of Reeferfest, the only stoner rock/metal festival in their country.

Of the album, the band says:

“‘The Stoner Side of the Doom’ is a trip to the moon and back, traveling on one’s imaginary space-craft, created by the inhalation of fumes, traveling through time, the dark (matter), the supernatural and occult but especially traveling through one’s own mind trip where robots from the ‘50s come over to your own world to ‘settle it’ and hopefully make everyone live in peace… perhaps on each one’s own cloud respectively!”

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