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  • Jason Hesley


On Friday, October 8th Spectral Darkwave descended upon Hitchin’s Club 85; their mission to unleash the kaleidoscopic horror of their brand new album At Outer Dark upon their gathered disciples. On that special night the walls of reality were blown away and a glorious array of nightmares cascaded in – tales from beyond the stars and from the forgotten pages of history – all accompanied by a staggering barrage of superlative sonic fire power. Every moment of that ritual of magic, terror and mind warping ecstasy was captured and preserved for posterity. And now it is unveiled once more, under the banner of Live Fire Exorcise!

The release of At Outer Dark was a pivotal moment in the career of Spectral Darkwave. It represented not only the band’s return from six years of silence as they traversed the void, but a vast leap forward in their levels of musical achievement. The sheer excitement from both band and fans was palpable in Club 85, Spectral Darkwave’s hometown venue, as this new chapter of exploration and destruction was launched. The band played with a fierce determination and wicked energy as they discharged an explosive version of ‘A Toll Is Due’, the gargantuan monstrosity that is ‘The Last Red Hypergiant’ and their infamous hymn to war elephants and ancient battle, ‘The March Of Sses’; and the crowd howled their appreciation for every measured note. The purpose of a live album is to capture the thrill, the atmosphere and volume of a performance and with Live Fire Exorcise Spectral Darkwave have done that, with the glorious excess that is their trademark.

Live Fire Exorcise is the night of Spectral Darkwave’s rebirth, preserved forevermore; a night of history to be treasured and revisited at will – a window into memory for those who were there, a tantalising glimpse of possibilities for the rest. The essence of Spectral Darkwave’s wild fantasy and bludgeoning power is held within these songs. On June 30th climb aboard and ride with them on the razor’s edge of adrenalin, into the black maw of madness.

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