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  • Jason Hesley

Skarthia release 'Legacy'

Formed in 2009, Skarthia is a melodic death/groove metal band from North London, UK. Their debut album, "Retaliate", was released in March 2012 to much critical appraisal. The band toured the album throughout the UK with a career-defining set at Bloodstock Festival 2015. During this time, their sophomore release, "Legacy", underwent writing and pre-production, being recorded twice, with the final set of recorded songs released in November 2022. The album was mixed by David Caplinger of Soothsayer Audio (Shattered Sun, Karybdis) and mastered by Mike Kalajian of Rogue Planet Mastering (Machine Head, A Day To Remember, The Devil Wears Prada, Silverstein). The lifecycle of recording was tumultuous, the band was held together purely by the love of the music alone. They completed the recording in 2020 before mixing and mastering it that same year. As with the recording, having the artwork designed in line with the band's vision was also tricky and required a year of work. The sheer passion in the face of what was lost is heard in the music recorded on the album. The blood, tears and anguish were shared amongst all involved. However, this resulted in a sound brimming with sonic power. The album's lyrics deal with pre-determination, the personal destiny that appears in cycles. Birth to death, human nature, sins of the father passed down and repeated. The album cover comprises 8 sections around a circle with a supernova in the middle. These sections (including the middle) each relate to a song on the album.

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