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SACRIFIX releases new EP "The Limit Of Thrash"!

After "World Decay 19", released by Thrash Or Die Records/Rapture Records, had a successful and worldwide acceptance, the Brazilian thrashers of SACRIFIX, leaded by Frank Gasparotto (vocals/guitars), are back on studio in full proccess of recording their upcoming album, schedule to be released in the second half of this year. As a preview, the band has released on all streaming platforms a new EP with the suggestive title "The Limit Of Thrash" featuring two unreleased tracks "Thrash Again", "No Limite da Força" (Anthares Cover) and a demo of the title track from the previous album.

Listen to "The Limit Of Thrash" at:

Frank Gasparotto comments that "the song "Thrash Again", deliveres raw energy with no mercy for unfaithfull thrash metal ears. In other hand, It's a sort of evolution on guitars technics and arrangments as well. It is a typical 80's Thrash Metal, fast, catchy chorus and the lyrics are full of quotes a thrash metal fan would recognise instantly. The first riff was take off from a song I wroted back in 95, recorded by a band I had at that time called Maniac, with Kexo and another guy. That riff was in my mind for years so I had to try it again with Sacrifix. The original song title was “Metal Banger's Way” with a different lyrics, but I had to rewrite the lyrics and added some parts here and there. It is a good example of what's come next on Sacrifix's new album". Frank continues "about "No Limite da Força", it's a previously unreleased track and a cover from a classic Brazilian Speed/Thrash Metal band Anthares. I wanted to pay tribute to one of the Brazilian bands that I like the most and which I also had the pleasure of being part as singer when they returned to activities in 2004/2005. This song is my favorite track from the band's eponymous album released in 1987 and I loved singing it live. One day i just called Maurício (Anthares guitar) and ask him if its ok for me to record this song, He talked with the guys in the band and all agreed it would be great, so here it is", he concluded. “World Decay 19 (Demo)” is nothing more than a raw version with only one guitar, no effects and no editions that was recorded when Frank was writing the first album. Basically it is the final version but without production, mixing and mastering. "The Limit Of Thrash" was produced once again by Frank Gasparotto, with mixing and mastering by Marco Nunes at Tori Studios, in Sao Paulo/Brazil and cover concept by Frank as well. SACRIFIX does not intend to be just "one more" band among thousands of others in the Thrash Metal segment in our country, but rather to show how to do it in the most intense, vigorous and violent way as possible, respecting the origins of the style, no frills or stardom. Their sound is based entirely on the rawness and harshness of the most classic side of Thrash Metal, without inventions and with lyrics inspired by wars, occultism, social criticism, existential issues, religion and violence. Soon more Old Fuckin' School Thrash Metal NO BULSSHIT will be dumped in the world! Stay tuned!

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