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Sacrifix releases an explosive and high energy music video!

São Paulo-based old-school thrashers Sacrifix debut their new lineup and release the very first official music video.

"Rotten", one of the more aggressive and violent songs from the band's second album, "Killing Machine", released in the second half of last year, was chosen to introduce this new phase and the band's lineup, which now consists of Diego Domingos on guitar, Filippe Tonini (bass, WarAge, Carraz), Fábio Moysés (drums, The Anger, Malevolent Age, Pigmachine, Distância Social, ex-Chaosfear, ex-Genocídio), alongside founding member Frank Gasparotto (vocals/guitar)

Watch "Rotten" at:

Filmed, recorded, edited, and produced by Starship Videos (@starshipvideos)Audio production by Frank GasparottoAudio mixed and mastered at Tori Studios/SP by Marco Nunes (@marconunestoristudios)Video filmed at the Cultural Institute Bolivia Rock, in São Paulo/SP.

The lyrics of "Rotten" were inspired by the daily horrors of millions of innocent people dying in wars because of human stupidity, while those interested sit in their comfortable homes, sipping champagne and deciding their fate. Nothing could be more appropriate than to bring the human factor into the music video and show the atmosphere of chaos and energy of a Sacrifix show!

"The crowd was amazing. It was a lot of fun. Everyone got into the chaos vibe", said Filippe Tonini. "On the day we filmed it, we felt like a real concert because we shot the footage while the band was playing live, no lip-syncing, just pure intensity", added Diego Domingos. "I felt like I was officially debuting as a Sacrifix drummer. The videographers were excellent, the crowd was hyped, friends, fans, it was very special for me", concluded Fábio Moysés.

Leader Frank proudly commented on the final result of "Rotten": "It was difficult at first because we were trying to lip-sync the music, but we're neither actors nor a lip-sync band. So we just turned everything on and chaos ensued. We just have to thank everyone who was involved, especially Cátia from the Bolivian Rock Cultural Institute for giving us the space to do our 'Toxic Waltz' (laughs)."

"Killing Machine", like its previous release "World Decay 19", has been highly acclaimed by the Brazilian and international press. Available on all digital platforms, the album is also sold on physical CD through partnerships with Impaled Records, Sangue Underground Records, Gerunda Produções, Artes Negras, Rocketz Records, Cossoco Records and Gate Of Doom Records.

According to Sacrifix 2020's founding premise, the band's sound is and always will be old-school, heavy, chaotic, cruel and devastating. "We want to respect the origins of Thrash Metal, keep the trendsetters awake and keep the grown-ups separated from the kids", concludes Frank.

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