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  • Jason Hesley

Psych Doom act Cavern Deep Announces New Album, Unleashes New Video!

Cavern Deep is a slow, heavy band, founded 2019, by members from Zonaria and Swedish retro riffsters Gudars Skymning. The band released its first self-titled concept album through Interstellar Smoke Records to critical aclaim topping on #7 on The Doom Charts.

The second album is called "Part II - Breach" and is a continuation on the concept of the first album and features Susie McMullan of Brume, Johannes Behndig of Sarcophagus Now and Thomas V Jäger of Monolord(On the bonus track).

The first single "Primordial Basin" is out now and the full album will release the 14th of July. Pre-orders for the vinyl and the Digipack CD is now available through Bonebag Records and the Cavern Deep Bandcamp.

Primordial Basin also has its own Music Video here

The video recently premiered via Doomed & Stoned and can be found here:

It is made with a home-made AI created by Max, and uses only art that we have the rights to use. There will be a music video for each song on the album and one that stitches the album as a whole.

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